Holiday From Real

Holiday From Real launched in 2016 as blog to encourage myself and others to escape the real world and make the most of their well earned holidays. To show that it is possible to work full time and travel, from sights in your own country to the other side of the world.

If your looking for some inspiration, the focus of the blog will primarily be on the following:

  • The ‘Must See’ Things To Do
  • Off The Beaten Path
  • Food/Drink
  • Music / Sports
  • General Travel Tips

So, who is the person behind Holiday From Real?


Hi, my name is Iain! I am a recently qualified accountant who wants to see the world and make the most of my 30 day holidays a year.

I am 25 years old and from the rarely sunny Scotland, UK. I used 80% of the past 3 years holidays from work to study for exams. I am finally FREE! 30 days + No studying = Holidays.

Why Holiday From Real

“If you left it up to me
Everyday would be
A holiday from real”- Jacks Mannequin